April  21  2018

                                                                          Dr. Michael D. Lacopo 

  Dr. Lacopo was born and raised in Northern Indiana.  Nourished on family stories, he took up genealogy as a hobby in 1980.  Trained as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, he retired from active practice in 2013 to pursue fulltime his interest in genealogical research.  He takes a scientific approach to his research, as he did to his work as a veterinarian .He has lectured both in the USA and internationally and written for numerous periodicals and journals.  His interests and strengths include Mennonite research, German and Swiss research, especially as it pertains to 18th century migration to America, among many other topics.  He is proficient in reading German script.

  Dr. Lacopo maintains a genealogical online website:  www.Roots4.com, as well as a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Roots4U, and a blog website entitled “Hoosier Daddy” at http://roots4u.blogspot.com. 

Dr. Lacopo’s lecture topics for this seminar will be 

How to Overcome Brick Walls in German-American Research

How to Overcome Brick Wall Problems in Pennsylvania Research.

The “Forgotten” Immigrants: The Swiss to America

“I am Poor, Obscure, Plain, and Little”:  Researching the Invisible Ancestors.


Registration information will be available in early 2018.